A review of frame relay and leased lines in computer networking

With CHAP authentication, the routers exchange plain text passwords. But some systems may recover faster simply by being shut down and rebooted, which could make the 3-minute wait for passive RIP much more palatable.

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But it ignores the questions of which available router should be used for any specific IP packet and how to recover when an available router becomes unavailable without warning. Eventually by the installation of the No.

Managing Multiple Routers at a Single Site

These larger exchanges were suitable for both rural and urban areas and had facilities for dialling into, and receiving calls from main exchanges. First of all, it eliminates the need to include a default gateway definition on every end system.

The first maritime distress radio call was made when the East Goodwin Lightship brought the Ramsgate lifeboat to the assistance of the stranded German ship Elbe. Post Office underground cables henceforth largely met the development needs of the NTC's system on rental terms. As we have seen in our discussions on multiple communications paths, there is more to providing useful redundancy than simply installing a second router.

When sending a packet, the end system applies its subnetwork mask to both its own IP address and that of the destination. The first telephones had a manual Local Battery System where one wire was used to connect the subscriber to the exchange, with the electrical circuit being completed by earth return.

Strowger exchanges became the backbone of the UK telephone network and remained a key component for over 50 years. However, be aware that using secondary addresses may be incompatible with proxy ARP.

In some cases there might be a minor difference in the bandwidth because of how it's calculated from each end: See also autonomous system. To provide a sound foundation for analysis, it is worthwhile to provide a historical context and trace the history of the largest and most well known WAN — the Internet.

This was an important advantage, as the transition from manual to complete automatic working would not be concluded for very many years.

CCNA 4 Final Exam Answers 2018 (v3+v0) – Connecting Networks

That way, when an end system on the LAN attempts to communicate with another system that is outside the local subnetwork of It bases its choice on the routers available and their advertised priority.

Which command would display the results of this analysis? You properly configure all links and all these links are functioning normally. But it also increases the likelihood that a single incident could physically split the site LAN into two disconnected networks sharing a common subnetwork ID.

Packet switched transmissions are divided into small pieces e. AMI requires that the sending device maintain ones density. A packet switched paradigm can reduce the number of required links in the network as any link can support multiplexed data and provide end-to-end transport.

Theory Papers

Most protocol suites were developed at a time when having more than one router accessible to a host system was rare.Here you will find answers to WAN Questions. Question 1.

Glossary of Network Terms

As a network technician, you must know the various layers of the OSI model. At which layers of the OSI Model do Wide Area Networks operate in?

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Hotspot Frame-relay Question

A LAN-to-WAN point-to-point connection is also referred to as a serial connection or leased line connection. This is because the lines are leased from a carrier (usually a telephone company) and are dedicated for use by the company leasing the lines.

A review of frame relay and leased lines in computer networking
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