An analysis of our countrys good by timberlake wertenbaker

This section does not cite any sources. In Sydney Covean unnamed Aboriginal Australian witnesses the arrival of the first fleet.

Our Country's Good

Harry tells Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark about the Governor's idea to have the convicts stage a play and Ralph decides to take this project on, hoping to get the Governor to notice him. Synopsis[ edit ] In the hold of the convict ship Sirius, the convicts witness an off-stage flogging and express fear about their future.

He dies, with Duckling at his side in despair. The play begins and, from the start, receives uproarious applause. A London pickpocket, severely punished on the transport ship for insulting an officer, Sideway tries to act as a cultured gentleman in front of Ralph, but keeps falling into cant when upset.

He is a vile, power obsessed man, who intimidates the convicts and believes that the convicts' punishment should be severe. This just infuriates Ross. These actors being not just amateurs, but also thieves, whores and ruffians, there's a fair share of dark comedy in the process.

Although she seems to enjoy the play, she thinks the content and especially her character, Rose, are stupid and argues for a play that is more relevant towards their current situation. Before the play begins, the convicts discuss their plans for afterward. Major Rosshis acolyte Captain Campbell, and the pragmatic Captain Tench express conservative opinions and oppose the play, which is defended vehemently by Philip, Collins and Ralph Clark.

His large knowledge is self-taught and he says of himself that he "like[s] words" Act One, Scene Ten. Dabby plans to escape that night; Sideway wants to start a theatre company; Liz and Freeman want to join Sideway's company as actors and Wisehammer as playwright; Mary and Ralph plan their lives together.

The convicts knew their lines absolutely because they had nothing else to do and they didn't want to waste time with pleasantries; as soon as you came into the room they started rehearsing.

The colony's governor, Captain Arthur Phillip, is a progressive thinker who quotes Rousseau and favours reform over punishment. A Jewish convict, John Wisehammer, engages Mary in a conversation about the meanings and sounds of words; she suggests he also take part in the play. Full study guide for this title currently under development.

Ross arrests Caesar, who initially went with the escapees but came back. He explains how he came to be in his situation, blaming a mix of reasons including leaving Ireland where his guardian angel was.

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The play follows the true life story of a group of convicts who having been deported to the colony of Australia, found themselves required to act in a production of George Farquhar's comedy 'The Recruiting Officer' which was staged in the penal colony of New South Wales in Dabby complains that she can't relate to her character, but Wisehammer argues that a play should teach you something new.

The real John Arscott never actually tried escaping and got rich enough after his liberation to return to England. Wisehammer protests that he is innocent.

In the play, Ross makes a reference to this, "This is a profligate prison for us all, it's a hellish hole we soldiers have been hauled to because they blame us for losing the war in America. Now artistic director of the nomadic Out of Joint company, he has recruited a first-rate ensemble who tuck into their roles with gusto.Sep 18,  · Our Country’s Good: A play within a play, performed with conviction.

But in Timberlake Wertenbaker's Our Country's Good, amateur play-making becomes a source of 3/5.

Our Country’s Good: A play within a play, performed with conviction

Study Guide for Our Country’s Good. Our Country's Good study guide contains a biography of Timberlake Wertenbaker, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and. Dec 27,  · Character and Play analysis (Our Country’s Good) Timberlake Wertenbaker. A British writer, born in New York and raised in the Basque area of France, she is the daughter of Charles Wertenbaker – a foreign correspondent for Time Magazine – and Lael Tucker Wertenbaker – author.

She graduated from St.

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John’s College, USA in. Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker 1, ratings, average rating, 48 reviews Our Country's Good Quotes (showing of 5) “When I say my prayers I have a terrible doubt.


Character and Play analysis (Our Country’s Good)

THE VOYAGE OUT 8 Like Shakespeare, Wertenbaker uses the character’s words to set the atmosphere of the scene, so the set designer’s job here is. Our Country's Good is a play written by British playwright, Timberlake Wertenbaker, adapted from the Thomas Keneally novel The story concerns a group of Royal Marines and convicts in a penal colony in New South Wales, in the s, who put on a production of The Recruiting Officer.

It was first staged at the Royal Court Place premiered: Royal Court Theatre, London, UK.

An analysis of our countrys good by timberlake wertenbaker
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