Sea otter research paper

The surveys, conducted cooperatively by scientists of the U. The survey records the total otter numbers, the number of dependent pups, and the number of independents adults and subadultsobserved.

Fish and Sea otter research paper Service. We're working hard every day to protect the ocean and the animals that call it home. To report a stranded sea otter, contact one of the following agencies: Spring survey results are used as an indicator of the population trend of California sea otters.

By the end of the 19th century, fur traders had killed most of the estimatedtosea otters around the Pacific Rim. We then track and monitor these pups in the wild, from release through adulthood, to observe their survival and reproduction.

At the start of the 20th century, only a few thousand survived. This network is crucial for improving programs related to general care, veterinary science, cooperative research and conservation. We coordinate a global network of institutions that house sea otters or have an interest in sea otter conservation.

Sea Otters - Research Essay

The information gathered will be used by federal and state wildlife agencies in making decisions about the management of this sea mammal. Sea otter pups, rescued and raised by the Aquarium, are contributing to recovery of the wild population.

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We Study Stranded Sea Otters After rescuing otters that have been stranded along the shore, we perform many of the same diagnostic tests used by human doctors, and we keep extensive medical records for each animal.

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Jiggs, Goldie, Hailey, Milkdud. When we receive a report of a stranded sea otter, we go to the scene and determine whether the otter needs help.

We capture and tag dozens of sea otters in the wild, and then we track and monitor them—some from birth to death—in an effort to understand how they live and what's causing their sluggish recovery.

Geological Survey annual census. Exhibit sea otters like Rosa play a key role behind the scenes, as surrogate mothers rearing stranded otter pups. Sea otters do not have the blubber that whales and dolphins do for insulation against the cold.

See USGS sea otter survey results. Such good grooming coats their fur with natural oils from their skin and fluffs it with insulating air bubbles. Visit our sea otter exhibit Conservation Sea otters once thrived from Baja California and around the Pacific Rim to Russia and Japan before fur hunters nearly exterminated them in the s and s.

Only authorized wildlife professionals—like our Sea Otter Program staff—are allowed to catch or move them. Another little trick that sea otter's use to conserve heat when resting is to remove their paws and hind flippers up out of the water. New technologies under development include smaller implantable transmitters and time-depth recorders, new physiological sensors, improved data-retrieval systems and improved surgical techniques.

Factors that can influence the count include viewing conditions, abundance and species composition of surface canopy kelp, observer experience, and distribution and movements of the animals. Sea otters do not have the blubber that whales and dolphins do for insulation against the cold.

Southern Sea Otters

This is to keep the fur warm and fluffed full of air for insulation. Essay on treatment of canadain jews academic essay words single 20 mark history essays education for inclusion and diversity essays earle hitchner dissertation. The more we learn about sea otter behavior, biology and health, the better we can protect these threatened animals.The sea otter is a member to the weasel family; the sea otter is one of the smallest marine mammals.

The sea otter has a very compact fur which means its fur helps them be warm in some climates. The sea otter lives in water its habitat is usually in kelp/5(1).

Sea otter research by scientists at the Santa Cruz Field Station of the USGS Western Ecological Research Center (WERC) focuses on this smallest marine mammal’s population biology and its role as a keystone species in the nearshore marine community.

The sea otter pup admitted to the Center’s Wildlife Response Program on June 1 has cleared its initial quarantine period. Visitors to the Center may observe this young pup which is receiving hour care in the Center’s dominicgaudious.netU., located near the touch tank.

This paper is a feature article based on a thesis research and it gives a critical review of the sea otter as a keynote species with its substantial influence on the marine ecosystem in addition to a review of the extent to which the species has been endangered.

Sea Otter Researcher Tim Tinker, Ph.D. Research Wildlife Biologist, U.S.

California Sea Otter Surveys and Research

Geological Survey Adjunct Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz. paper summarizes several important papers which have been published in the field over the past forty years. Key words: diving, Enhydra lutris.

Sea otter research paper
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